All Snapchat Trophies Trophy Case - Latest 🏆

All Snapchat Trophies Trophy Case - Latest 🏆

A current list of all the Snapchat trophies and how to earn them! Let us know if you have captured all the trophies. Supposedly, something happens after you complete the trophy hunt!


Can you complete the trophy hunt? Let us know! 


Trophy: Description: How:
 Snapchat trophies single finger  Single Finger Send a Snapchat with one Filter
 Snapchat trophies double fingers  Double Finger  Send a Snapchat with two Filters
 Snapchat trophies baby  Baby Snapchat score of 10
Snapchat trophies gold star   Gold Star Snapchat score of 100
Snapchat trophies sparkles   Sparkly Snapchat score of 1000
 Snapchat trophies circled star Star Circle  Snapchat score of 10,000
 Snapchat trophies explosion Explosion  Snapchat score of 50,000
Snapchat trophies rocket   Rocket Snapchat score of 100,000
Snapchat trophies ghost  Ghost   Snapchat score of 500,000
 Snapchat trophies tape  Tape Send a video Snapchat
 Snapchat trophies movie camera  Film Camera Send 50 video Snapchats
Snapchat trophies camera   Camcorder Send 500 video Snapchats
Snapchat trophies sun face  Sun  Send a Snapchat with 100° filter
 Snapchat trophies snowflake  Snowflake Send a Snapchat with freezing filter
 Snapchat trophies flashlight Flashlight  Send 10 Snapchats with front camera light on
 Snapchat trophies red ogre Red Ogre  Send 1000 selfie Snapchats with front camera light on
 Snapchat trophies loop repeat  Single Loop Flip camera one time in video Snapchat
 Snapchat trophies loop  Loop Flip camera 5 times in video Snapchat
Snapchat trophies rotating  Rotate  Flip camera 10 times in video Snapchat
 Snapchat trophies monkey ears  Monkey Send Snapchat with no audio
Snapchat trophies magnifying glass  Magnifying Glass  Send 10 Snapchats zoomed all the way in
 Snapchat trophies microscope Microscope  Send 10 video Snapchats zoomed
Snapchat trophies abcd   ABCD Send 100 Snapchats with captial letters
Snapchat trophies panda  Panda   Send 50 Snapchats in black and white
Snapchat trophies half moon  Half Moon  Send 50 Snapchats in night mode
Snapchat trophies fry pan  Frying Pan  Send a Snapchat between 4-5am your time
Snapchat trophies lollipop  Lollipop Send a Snapchat with at least 5 different pen colors
Snapchat trophies rainbow   Rainbow Send 10 Snapchats with at least 5 different pen colors
 Snapchat trophies artist palette Artist Palette  Send 50 Snapchats with at least 5 or more pen colors
Snapchat trophies email  E-Mail  You verified your e-mail address in Snapchat
Snapchat trophies telephone   Telephone You verified your number in Snapchat
 Snapchat trophies happy devil Smiling Devil  You took a screenshot of a Snapchat
 Snapchat trophies sad devil  Sad Devil You took 10 screenshots of Snapchats
Snapchat trophies radio  Radio  Submitted Snapchat to a local story
Snapchat trophies clapper  Clapper Movie Board  Submitted 10 Snapchats to a local story
 Snapchat trophies television TV  Your Snapchat was posted on a local story
 Snapchat trophies fax machine  Fax Scanned 5 Snapcodes
 Snapchat trophies world  World Globe Your Snapchat was posted on a live story
Snapchat trophies link  Link Chain  Your BitMoji is linked to Snapchat
Snapchat trophies blue circle  Blue Circle  You created a story in Snapchat Memories
Snapchat trophies white circle   White Circle You sent a story from Snapchat Memories
Snapchat trophies cd disc  CD Disc You saved a story to Snapchat Memories
 Snapchat trophies eyes Eyeballs   You setup My Eyes Only in Snapchat Memories
Snapchat trophies detective  Detective  You searched for a Snapchat in Memories 
 Snapchat trophies sunglasses Sunglass Face You paired your Snapchat Spectacles


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