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  3. Monday, 27 January 2020
Hello Friends,
 I am a web designer, currently working on the AMP web development, so I thought to discuss with you on AMP how it can be beneficial for us in the designing part.
AMP is a web component framework by which it is easy to develop a user-first website, email, stories, ads. the best feature of the AMP website and other things are lightweight as compare to others. AMP is an open-source HTML Framework that enable developers to provide a clear and concise way to create a web page that are fast, Quick-loading. 
Whether you are an advertiser, publishers, email sender, e-Commerce company holder, AMP will help you to create great experience over the web.
If we speak about benefit in terms of business, it is capable of improving user-experience that leads to high ranking in SERP, if you are using WordPress and Drupal, it converts your entire collection in less time.
If I talk to the developer's point of view, it provides flexibility and reusability in code; even you can use CSS to customize styling.
I hope you enjoy what we discussed above.
I am looking forward to seeing you.

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