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  3. Sunday, 10 March 2019

You can subscribe to certain Snapchat Discover stories (the story feeds Snapchat shows you). Subscriptions show up under your friends Snapchat stories in so that they are organized the same way as your friends stories, so you can view them both quickly and easily.


Subscribe to a Snapchat Story


1. Open Snapchat and click the Discover button in bottom right corner.


2. Tap and hold down on a story under For You to reveal the subscription screen. Tab subscribe and click done.


snapchat subscribe to story feed


3. Refresh the discover screen and you will see a Subscriptions section.


snapchat subscriptions page section



Unsubscribe to a Snapchat Story


1. Tap and hold a Snapchat subscription and toggle the subscribe button to off.


snapchat unsubscribe to story feed

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