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  3. Thursday, 21 February 2019

Hello, sorry for my english

I have a problem with snapchat, the icon Swap face is missing to my snapchat icons filters. I know that filters change everyday of corse is so many years I using snapchat, and for that I never saw that remove this option of Face Swap. Snapchat is famous for using for Swap Face, but now I missing this option I cannot see. I asked also to my friends that using IOS Iphone 6 S , but the same , Swap Face is Missing also for her and others many friends with Adroid. I have two phone, IOS iphone 6s and Android Samsung Jpro7 , after update, I missing icon Face Swap, so I want to know is a issue of last update, or the team of snapchat have removed intentionally ? I cannot believe after many years a fixed function has been deliberately removed. 

swap face  and change face from photo gallery I never saw removed from Snapchat. Filters and Lens change everyday I know so well. I have try to contact in Twitter the support snapchat official, but they reply me that : Filter and Lens change everyday ......... But this is not my question, I have asked why I missing FACE SWAP that is not part of change lens or filters everyday .... 

Someone here can help me to understand ? I have been read an article in this site that about one years ago happened that Swap Face was Missing, so is a Bug Issue ? or do you think team of snapchat have been removed intentionally forever ? 

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Yea, its missing for most people suddenly. 

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