How To: Check if Someone Added Me on Snapchat 🤔

How To: Check if Someone Added Me on Snapchat 🤔

If you think someone you added on Snapchat might have recently removed you, check to see if you can see their username Snapchat score to confirm if they did in fact remove you.


1. Open your Snapchat friends list (Tap Snapchat Ghost -> My Friends) 

2. Click on the Snapchat user in your friends list you believe removed you from their list.

3. When their Snapchat Card opens, look for their Snapchat Scorecard. If you do not see a score, they most likely removed you from their friends list.

How to check if someone removed me from snapchat

Note: In the rare case, if someone actually hasn’t created and sent Snapchats, then they would also have no score to show up.


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Tuesday, 21 May 2019