How to Compress File Size JPG PNG Image Formats under 2 Megabyte

How to Compress File Size JPG PNG Image Formats under 2 Megabyte

Sometimes a Snapsterpiece image is more than 2 megabytes when you try uploading itโ€“ which is over the allowed upload limit on our website. Simply save your image to a smaller format on your computer per below.


Compress Snapsterpiece Size Mac


1. Open your image in Mac X Preview. Right-click image -> Open With

Mac resize image snapsterpiece preview


2. Go to File -> Export. JPEG Format will always be the most compressed format. Drag the quality slider to an acceptable size less than 2 Megabytes. Dragging the slider to least might render your picture in very poor quality.

Compress snapsterpiece mac preview


3. Click Save. You can now upload your Snapsterpiece here!


Compress Snapsterpiece Size Windows


1. Open Paint in Windows. Start -> type Paint

Windows Paint Snapsterpiece


2. Open your Picture in Paint. File -> Open

3. In Home tab click resize.


4. Use Percentage to adjust the horizontal and verticle size to something slightly smaller.

Windows Paint Resize Image Snapsterpiece


5. Save the image โ€“ File -> Save As (JPG) and check the new image file size.

Windows paint save as snapsterpiece


6. You can now upload your Snapsterpiece here!


Alternatively, you can upload your image to a site and have it compressed manually. A good site for image compression is Compress JPG.

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