How to Create Snapchat Group?

How to Create Snapchat Group?

Snapchat now lets you create personal groups for sending Snapchats to. This makes it easy for you to send default Snapchat to certain people you want to see and avoid having to find usernames in your Snapchat friends list each time. To create your first Snapchat group, follow these steps.


1. Take a new Snapchat and get ready to send it to someone like you normally would.

2. Next, select multiple usernames you want to incorporate into a new Snapchat group. This reveals the Snapchat group icon in the top right corner.

Snapchat group icon


3. Click the group icon. You now created a new Snapchat Group. (It would be nice to name a Snapchat group, but you can’t) 

Note: In order for your new Snapchat Group to be saved, you must send the snapchat you created to it.


4. Alternatively in the same screen, you can scroll down and select + Create Group. Add up to 16 Snapchatters. 

Snapchat how to create a group


Snapchat + new group



If you go over 16, you will get a message.

Full House!

Groups can only include 16 Snapchatters.

Snapchat groups max 16 people
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Tuesday, 22 May 2018

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