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How to Upload Videos from Camera Roll to Snapchat Story iPhone

Here are the latest steps for uploading a video you took with your iPhone camera directly to your Snapchat story.


Note: The old method of selecting a video and sharing it to the Snapchat app no longer works.


  1. Open Snapchat.
  1. Swipe up on the Snapchat home screen to reveal Memories screen.
Snapchat home screen swipe up

Note: Using Snapchat memories is the same as sharing the photo or video previously from camera roll. The only difference is Snapchat will show a white border around the photo/video if you share it this way in the Snapchat app.


  1. Tap CAMERA ROLL in the top right.
Snapchat memories camera roll
  1. Select your video then tap EDIT & SEND at the bottom.
Snapchat edit and send
  1. Edit your video If needed. When done, tap the blue arrow in the bottom right corner.
Snapchat memories share to story

Note: If your video is longer than 10 seconds, the Snapchat app will split the video into multiple video snaps.


  1. Finally, tap My Story to add the Snapchat video to your story.
Snapchat my story

You will notice a white border around your story when you or someone else views it. This basically means the photo or video was not originally taken with the Snapchat app (but, it could have been, if you saved it originally to your camera roll then re-uploaded it).

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