How To: How to View “Our Story” you Posted that Snapchat Shared

How To How to View “Our Story” you Posted that Snapchat Shared

Did you just post to the Snapchat Our Story and notice its getting views? Congrats - Snapchat has accepted your story and posted it so others can see it on the Snapchat Stories timeline. What Snapchat doesn’t tell you – is what Story it actually published your Snapchat on. Here is how to view your story like everyone else on Snapchat is.


  1. You must determine the location of where you were located when you posted the Snapchat.
  1. On the Snapchat app home screen, tap in the search box at the top.
B2ap3 Large Snapchat Search Story

  1. If you are still in the same location you posted your Snapchat from, choose AROUND ME. The closest story to you will show up at the top. You can quickly view these stories to see if you can see your story appear.
B2ap3 Large Snapchat Search Our Story Around Me
  1. If you are not in the location you posted your Snapchat from, you will have to find the geographical point by searching for it in Snapchat.

If you know of another way to search for a Snapchat Story you posted on so you can view it yourself, please use the comment form below and let us know.

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Wednesday, 22 November 2017

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