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New: Snapchat no Limit (Infinity) Update

Snapchat no Limit (Infinity) Update

The latest version of Snapchat now allows you to share stories for an infinite or never ending period of time. The feature is controlled under the timer settings in Snapchat stories.


When you scroll past 10 seconds, you will see the no limit option.

Snapchat no limit timer


No limit stories still disappear after 24 hours so don’t get paranoid that your Snapchat story will stay up forever. The point of no limit is to allow you to display a Snapchat story photo on screen without having to re-open it or loop a Snapchat story video.

Snapchat no limit selected


Perhaps the new Snapchat “no limit” feature reveals a new feature Snapchat is getting ready to roll out to actually show you how many times someone has viewed your Snapchat story?


I guess the no limit feature was long overdue then? Let’s be honest, we all watch our friends Snapchat stories more than once!


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Thursday, 28 May 2020