What Changed (Annoyances): New Snapchat Update February 2018

What Changed (Annoyances): New Snapchat Update February 2018

Many, many, MANY users are fuming over the new Snapchat update released on February 5, 2018. It’s one of the first (GUI) major graphical user interface updates to the app. There is no longer a Snapchat Stories screen (originally, swipe left) and this is replaced by Discover, which allows you to view trending headlines from publishers, creators, and the community (not anyone you are friends with) that are the most relative to you – as Snapchat states. The Snap Map also appears on the Discover screen.


See the Snapchat Highlight Video on the new Update: 


Perhaps the biggest change many need getting used to is how you view Snapchat Stories. We all were used to swiping left to reveal the Snapchat stories screen. This Snapchat stories screen is completely gone now, and when you swipe left in the latest update, you get the Snapchat Discover screen. To view Snapchat stories in the new update, you have to swipe RIGHT and they are now shared with the Snapchat friend’s page, where see your chats and delivered/opened Snapchat’s. Snapchat Stories will appear in a Snap chatter’s icon circle. It would appear that you don’t have to scroll all the way down your Snapchat friends list to find stories, but the most recent stories will appear at the top of the screen.


Snapchat new update feb 2018 stories view


The new update also changes how you send Snapchat’s. You now have a more sophisticated screen of Snapchat names to choose from, which show their BitMoji icons. Your recent Snapchat friends still show up at the top of the screen.

Snapchat new update feb 2018 send story


After you view a Snapchat Story, you either get an annoying AD or a prompt to view another Snapchat story you have not seen yet…


Snapchat new update feb 2018 send story ads view next


That said, who wants the old Snapchat version back!? It will be interested to see the feedback given by the Snapchat community in one of the most popular apps ever created.



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