Why: Photo Could Not Be Saved – Snapchat

Why: Photo Could Not Be Saved – Snapchat

If you decide to edit a photo from snapchat memories feature and post it your Snapchat story, you may try saving your edited photo, but receive a message the photo cannot be saved. Follow the steps below to allow Snapchat to save and or overwrite original photos you edit from your camera roll.


  1. After sending your edited Snapchat to your story (from your camera roll), you will receive a prompt to Save Changes. You probably choose Save & Replace or Save as Copy.
Snapchat saved edited photo changes
  1. You may receive a prompt to Allow “Snapchat” to modify this photo? Choose Modify. If you choose Don’t Allow, you will receive the photo could not be saved message.
Snapchat allow to modify this photo

All else, you can manually allow Snapchat to edit and save originally photos from your camera roll. Go to Settings -> Snapchat -> Photos -> and select Read and Write.

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Friday, 23 February 2018

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