The artwork and video gallery will be maintained on our official Instagram account going forward. You can find details on how to submit and our Instagram account below. Learn for a chance to be featured in front of 1000's of fellow Snapchat artists!


If you would like to submit your Snapchat Artwork to be featured on our Instagram account, send us an email with details below. If you leave out any of the *required* fields detailed below, we will not respond. We look forward to your submission!


Instagram Account: Instagram URL
Instagram Account Handle: @snapsterpieceviral


We will only accept Artwork (JPG, PNG) and no Video. Sorry.



1. Send us an email to snapsterpieceviral [at] gmail [dot] com with the following details:

* Title [Required]
* Short description. This should include #Hashtags. [Optional]
* Instagram and or Snapchat Username [Optional]



2. Attach your Snapchat Artwork in your email (JPG or PNG) format. Try to keep the picture file size below 5 MB.



3. If we choose to feature your Snapchat Artwork, we will respond to the email address you sent to us with details.



At this time, we are only featuring Snapchat Artwork on our Instagram account!



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