Easy: Snapchat How to Record Without Holding

Snapchat How to Record Without Holding

Here are quick steps to record Snapchat video and not having to hold down the record button. Whatever your reason for needing hands free video, these simple steps take less than 5 minutes to configure in your Snapchat phone or device.


  1. On iPhone, go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility. Under Interaction select AssistiveTouch pictured below.
iPhone assistive touch
  1. Enable AssistiveTouch. You will see a faded dot appear on the screen now.
iPhone enable assistive touch
  1. Next select Create New Gesture… We are going to record a thumb pressing gesture to use in Snapchat.
  1. Tap and hold on the new gesture screen until the blue bar is finished at the bottom. Click Save in top right and name it Snapchat Video and save.
iPhone new gesture snapchat
Name new gesture
  1. Launch Snapchat. Now, notice the transparent Assistivetouch gesture icon we made appears off to the right. Tap and hold the gesture icon.
Snapchat assistive touch
  1. Select Custom then select Snapchat Video gesture. Now you will see a second transparent black icon. Move this icon to the Snapchat video record button – it will begin recording your Snapchat video hands free!
iPhone snapchat video
Snapchat record video hands free


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Wednesday, 13 November 2019