How To: Snapchat See How Many Times Someone Has Viewed Your Story? (Latest Version)

Snapchat See How Many Times Someone Has Viewed Your Story


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The latest version of Snapchat has significantly changed how you can see who viewed your Snapchat story.


OLD Method - (Prior January 2018)

All of us want to know how who has viewed our Snapchat Story - but can we actually see how many times the same person has viewed the same story? While this feature isn’t publicly acknowledged by Snapchat, we believe there is a small feature that informs you who most recently saw your Snapchat story more than once.


*Update* The method below no longer reportedly works. Names will stay in order of place based on first time viewing your story.




  1. Open Snapchat and tap the circle in the top let corner to reveal your current Snapchat story.
Snapchat story location views latest version
  1. Tap on My Story to reveal who has viewed your Snapchat story.
Snapchat story views latest version

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Check Snapchat Story Views


1. Open your Snapchat Story

2. Click on a story you have views on. Swipe up to reveal your Snapchat friends who most recently viewed your story.

3. If you notice, the username at the top of your list was the most recent who viewed your story. If someone already viewed your story (a username at the bottom of this list) their name will automatically re-appear to the top of this list.

Snapchat story total people viewing story



So, continue to check your Snapchat story to see the most recent name at the top of the views list (remember, this can be a username of someone that already viewed your story) appear to the top – and you’ll know they viewed your story again!


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Friday, 21 February 2020