Snapchat Story Less Than 24 Hours? ⌛️

Snapchat Story Less Than 24 Hours? ⌛️

Wouldn’t it be nice to share a Snapchat Story and be able to control the time it’s posted for instead of the default 24-hour time period? Snapchat recently introduced memories which allow you to share any story for more than 24 hours under the new setting memories.

You can already specify the lifespan length you share of any Snapchat from 1 -10 seconds. This length is controlled in Snapchat’s before you send to someone else or post to your Snapchat story. But what about a similar option for minutes or hours for Snapchat stories? It only makes sense Snapchat will release a feature for all of us to be able to control Snapchat stories lifespan at some point.

Snapchat lifespan of snapchat


In the meantime, you can always go to your Snapchat Story and manually delete it from your timeline before 24 hours lapses.


Delete Snapchat Story


1. In Snapchat, click the 3 dot tripod (Snapchat Stories) 

Snapchat 3 dots tripod


2. Go to your Snapchat story and click the 3 vertical dots to reveal your stories. Click on a story you want to delete.

Snapchat 3 vertical dots


3. Click the trash icon button to remove your Snapchat story.

Snapchat snapsterpiece story


How often do you share a Snapchat story? Tell us your favorite features of Snapchat or ideas and tips for creating a Snapsterpiece Story!


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Monday, 27 January 2020