Snapsterpiece Meaning?

Snapsterpiece Meaning?

What is classified as an “official” Snapsterpiece today? The Internet is crawling with pictures and videos titled Snapsterpiece. If we take a quick google search of Snapsterpiece there’s countless images AND videos of creative faces, artwork, selfies, geofilters, and much more.

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So, where did the actual term Snapsterpiece come from? The earliest adoption of the term may have come from the Snapchat app. When you doodle on your Snapchat (create a new snap and doodle on it awhile and add cool filters) then decide to delete it, you’ll get a warning: Are you sure you want to abandon your Snapsterpiece? Since Snapchat’s interpretation back in 2011, websites like Reditt, Buzzfeed, Tumblr, Pinterest, and others now have categories and authors with media titles “Snapsterpieces”. (Check out this awesome Pinterest board with over 1000 snapsterpieces”).

Snapstepiece meaning urban dictionary


Urban Dictionary defines a Snapsterpiece as a masterpiece drawn in Snapchat.


Today, we assume Snapsterpiece media on the Internet (and on is created with the Snapchat App but technically, we can’t prove that. Anyone can create an image or video and edit it with filters and claim it to be a Snapsterpiece. However, who really wants to waste time when the Snapchat app provides an easy means to creating super awesome media? – Our Official Definition of Snapsterpiece


Us here at define an Snapsterpiece as an image or video taken or recorded in the Snapchat app. A Snapsterpiece is a Snapchat with enhanced attributes including applied filters, faces, or artwork! Finally, a Snapsterpiece can also be a hot selfie/groupie picture of you or friends!



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Sunday, 17 January 2021

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