What do Snapchat Emojis Mean? - New Update

What do Snapchat Emojis Mean? - New Update

Snapchat emojis track the activity and behaviors between Snapchat users and their friends. The frequency, timing, and pattern of your Snapchat interactions with alternative users can verify that emojis. Here is a current list of Snapchat Emoji's. We will continue to update this list as Snapchat continues releasing emoji updates.






Gold Star

Snapchat replayed in past 24 hours.


Yellow Heart

Snapchat best friend and you sent the most snaps to this person and they sent the most to you.


Red Heart

Snapchat best friend for two weeks in a row.


Pink Hearts

Snapchat best friend for two months in a row.


Baby Face

You recently became friends with this Snapchat user.



Face with Sunglasses

You have a best friend who is best friends with another one of your friends.



Grimacing Face

Your best friend is their best friend.


Smirking Face

You are a best friend of a Snapchatter, but they are not your best friend.



Smiling Face

Another best friend of yours.




Sent a Snapchat every day to this person. Streak.




Sent a Snapchat 100 days in a row.



A current Snapchat streak is about to end.



Birthday Cake

A friend has a birthday.



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